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elektraLite Dazer Downlight
elektraLite Dazer Downlight

elektraLite Dazer Downlight Makes Its Dazzling Debut

New professional LED pendant downlight fixture officially launches at WFX 2016 LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – September 2016 – WFX stand 626 — Featuring a design based on the time-tested and proven Dazer fixture, elektraLite’s new Dazer Downlight puts the same power … Continued

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ELE817 ML-902
120 watt Bright LED Moving Head Profile Spot

The elektraLite ML-902 is a full-featured profile head moving spot fixture that is compact enough for tight spaces but bright enough for large stages where strong intensity and reliability, diversity, and quiet operation are necessary.

Powered by a bright 120-watt cool white (6,500K) COB LED, the ML-902 output is equivalent to that of a 250W HMI discharge lamp. The ElektraLite ML-902 moving head profile spot fixture adjusts for color with
a 7-color wheel to allow for a variety of color filter options.

The pattern options on the ML-902 are exceptional. Two indexable wheels each hold seven interchangeable gobos. One wheel is fixed for static image projection. The second wheel is indexable and then rotatable at the individual gobo level for spinning effects. Eighteen interchangeable gobos are included with the ElektraLite ML-902 for maximum flexibility and interchangeability.

Additional features of the ML-902 include a rotating five-point prism, a wide-range strobe including random features, focus control, and fine (16-bit) pan and tilt, in addition to the digital dimming features and the coarse (8-bit) pan and tilt standard features.

SLA Retina
SLA Retina

ELE821 SLA Retina

Designed to be compact and efficient, the new elektraLite SLA Retina is a hard-working mini LED lighting fixture ideal for every designers’ toolbox.

Based on a trio of the new high-powered CREE 15-watt quad LED’s, the RGBW LED’s are brighter than ever, and deliver more than 1,400 lumens in just a small 5” hexagon package. With a moderate 25 degree beam spread, the SLA Retina provides ample coverage in its range, while still allowing for highlighting and Fresnel-like spot coverage of close applications.

Intended for durability, the elektraLite SLA Retina is rated for outdoor use with an IP65 rating. Additionally, the fixture uses IP68 cable connectivity, because we know that sometimes things get wet, and occasionally your cables will end up in a puddle. To add to its durability, the SLA Retina uses UV-stabilized cable that can take both harsh coastal sunlight and high altitude intensity.

Originally designed as a “Show Lighting Accent” (SLA) fixture, the elektraLite SLA Retina is purposefully small in size to be hidden in corners, coves, set-pieces, scenery, and in portable stage applications. Additionally, because the fixture is outdoor-rated, placement in planters, rooftops, eaves, holiday displays, and every other imaginable application where low-power / high-output lighting is necessary.

The SLA comes standard with two individual yoke arms which allow the fixture to be hung from above, permanently mounted to a surface, or placed on the ground. The height of the yoke stands maybe individually adjusted for maximum flexibility.